Hashtags for Educators
Check out this extensive list of Hashtags for Educators. Click on a hashtag to view the Twitter search results for it.

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Below are many of the resources that I have located in my search for using Twitter as a professional development tool. Some are great resources for newbies while others are for the more serious tweeters. Send me an email if you have a good Twitter tool for educators.

Ever wonder what a hashtag means? Here you can search to find out…assuming that someone has entered it into the tagdef dictionary.

20 Twitter Hashtags Every Teacher Should Know About
A nicely categorized list of hashtags (conversations) that you might be interested in. Good resource to share with educators to help them expand their PLN (professional learning network) or personal professional development.

28 Simple Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom
If you aren't quite sure how you can make the most of Twitter for educational/instructional purposes, check out TechThought's list of ideas.

7 Ways to Thank Someone for a Retweet
Great explanation on when a 'thank you' is in order and when it isn't necessary.

Another Tweet on the Wall
Enter your hashtag. Search results of tweeter usernames will appear in a circle and rotate with one shown at intervals. Hard to explain but nicely done.

This is a great site to use if you are following a live chat. Take a look at what live chats are currently going in in politics, sports, television, news, etc.

Create Awesome Twitter Backgrounds with These Online Tools
Bakari Chavanu shares several tools that can help you create the perfect background for your Twitter page.

Fake Follower Check
Enter any Twitter username to find out how many fake followers he/she has. Results show percentage of fake, inactive, and good followers. Interesting.

Follow Cost
Interesting idea - enter the person you are interested in following to see how much they tweet…then you can determine if following them might be too annoying or just right.

Just enter the hashtag in the search area to the right and it will give you a visual of related hashtags, top most recent tweets, top influencers, and more. This is great if you are trying to find the best hashtag to use on a particular topic!

How to Use Twitter in the Classroom Without Compromising Your Students
Mike Reading shares some good ideas and tips about getting started with Twitter in the classroom…also lists some hashtags you might want to checkout.

If This Then That (IFTTT)
Great site in which you can set up triggers so that when you do one thing online (such as send a tweet) other events happen. Lots of options.

Quickly and easily create a personalized newspaper pulling from vaious resources (including Twitter).

Popular Twitter Hashtags for Educators
A alphabetized listing of over 200 hashtags related to education. Great resource to look at when you are ready to jumpstart your personal learning…as well as checking out some great folks to follow.

RT, MT, HT, via: The importance of giving credit on Twitter
Easy instructions on how to retweet and give credit in different situations. Good read!

A free tweet scheduler utility.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts for US Teachers
Nice variety of folks you may be interested in following if you are a teacher.

Pull in tweets of a specific hashtag to create a mural background with tweets being rotated through as they are tweeted.

Quickly create a tweetbook of your tweets or favorites. Very cool.

Easily follow a conversation (hashtag) on Twitter using TweetChat. Nice, simple, and uncluttered.

A great free tool that works on all your devices to allow you to manage your twitter feeds.

TweetLevel allows you to analyze and measure a particular topic or person. Very helpful when used as a research tool to find out more about a particular hashtag or person. Helpful insight if you are wanting to see how you can expand your influence via Twitter.

Tweets to Google Spreadheet IFTTT script
Set up the If This Then That tool so that each of your tweets are automatically added to a new line in a spreadsheet that is in your Google Drive.

Think of this as a yellow pages of Twitter users. You can look up a specific category (such as Education-->Professional Development) and find folks you may be interested in following. Great list of category breakdowns. You can even add your name…great way to possibly get more followers.

Interesting tool that allows you to manage your twitter account via a unique email. Free for a week trial and then $7/mo.

After a quick analysis of your tweets and followers, Tweriod will identify the best times for you to tweet.

Another site to help you find possible folks to follow based on interest.

Enter the hashtag of the tweets you want to project on your wall and Twijector will pull them for you. Great for classroom and conference use. FREE!

Very easy to use site that allows you to create alerts that automatically email you tweets based on your criteria. Great when you want. Excellent transition tool for someone just getting started in Twitter but would prefer to rely on email to review content.

This free service allows you to share files on Twitter - upload and share anything (images, documents, PDFs, etc.). Provides 1GB of storage space.

Identify the folks with the most followers on Twitter.

Broadcast live for all your followers to see. Since the video is archived you can view it afterwards. Viewers can chat live during the video as well.

Tool that easily allows you to share photos and videos via Twitter.

Social networking site for folks.

Twitter - The Musical
Avbyte provides a very well choreographed and produced musical-type song about Twitter.

Twitter Chat Schedule
This site has a nice list of twitter chats with details of each one - short description, time and day of chat.

Twitter HOTS & Establishing a Twitter Routine in the Classroom
This easy read shares how to use Twitter to support higher order thinking skills, suggests ways that Twitter can be used with K-8 students, and has a great infograhic to support using twitter in the classroom.

Twitter in Plain English
Commom Craft's great video to explain Twitter…in plain English.

Twitter Search in Plain English
Common Craft's video explaining Twitter's search feature. Great video for any Twitter newbies.

Wiki site that helps you locate possible folks to follow based on what they tweet. These are organized in 'packs' by topic, location, company, and events/meet-ups. You can also add your name.

Engage your followers using polls via Twitter. Plans start at $9/mo :-(

Using Twitter to Learn and Teach
Eric Curts provides a nice 6-page handout on using Twitter. Very clear directions with some great information.