Google resources

Google has many great tools that you can use to enhance your classroom lessons. Below is just a sampling of tools to get you started exploring.

Google URL Shortener
Easily shorten cumbersome links to help students as well as parents. If you log in to Chrome you'll be able to access a history of your shortened URLs.

Let Me Google That for You (LMGTFY)
This tool is a nice way to help people become independent googlers. After entering your search criteria, LMGTFY will create a short video on how to google that and give you a link to send to them so they'll know how next time.

YouTube Channels
If it's out there it's probably on YouTube...and someone has probably created a channel just for it. Great way to follow specific content and leaders!
Custom Search Engine
With this free tool you can add a customizable search box to your website to better help your users find information. You can even customize the search results to match your site's design.
Interested in some great video tutorials on Google Apps for EDU? Then you'll want to check out YouPD.
Google Chrome Store
Use some of these apps and extensions and you'll soon feel like your Chrome browser is on steroids. Some great ones for instructors and kids.
What do you love?
This unique search site will give you a wide variety of resources including: websites, books, videos, translations, trends, and more. Great for students to use to help expand their understanding of a topic.
Google Docs Story Builder
Add your characters, type a script, and select the music to have your very own Google docs story done as a video. Very cool and fun!
You don't have to be a computer science major to program. Since Blockly is completely visual, you can program without typing a single character. Blockly was developed by MIT.
Google Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum
In this 3-part class, Google will help students become an online sleuth, manage their digital footprint, and identify tricks and scams online.
A Google A Day
Diehard Google fans will be interested in this site. Each day you are presented with different questions. Your goal is to strategically search (as quickly as possible) to find the correct answer. The faster you are the more points you get. How fast are you?
Google Bookmarks
Easily access your bookmarks from the web by going here. To save bookmarks to this Google tool, drag the bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar.
Public Data Explorer
Access a host of data of which you can perform specific searches while accessing very robust datasets. If you're not careful this can become overwhelming.
Google Goggles
Download this cool Google app and then scan different items with your camera to have it search the web to identify it and give you information.
Google Doodles
Take a look through Google database of doodles used. Search by year and/or country to see which doodles were used and for what occasions. Find one you REALLY like, check it out in the store to bring it home. Also, check out the details of the yearly doodle contest.
Google Alerts
Monitor the web for specific information and have an alert emailed to you with the info. Enter your search criteria, where to search (blogs, videos, etc.), how often, and how many. It's like you own little search assistant.
Google Map Maker
Enrich Google Maps with your knowledge. Add your information to improve Google Maps in your areas and in areas that matter to you. Add/edit a place, add a road, and review edits by other Google users.
Google Keep
Make use of Google simple note taking tool. Provide a title and start typing your note. This does not save as a Google Doc. Syncs across devices.
Google Graveyard
Did you hate to see a particular Google tool go away. Here you can pay your condolences and leave a flower at the graveyard of the particular tool.

Google Takeout
Easily download and archive your content from a variety of Google tools...or from all their tools. This is a great way to check and see what you have in Google if you aren't sure.
Google Fonts
Check out all the different fonts that you can add to your Google docs. Easily filter and search to find the specific one(s) you like. Font addicts should avoid this site!
Dart is a programming language that Google developed in hopes it will replace javascript to create web apps.
Teach Parents Tech
Want to help your parents (or another teacher) who is having trouble with some basic tech skills? This site allows you to create a personalized email that includes videos for those specific skills.
Google Web Designer
will launch soon...
Google is posed to launch an HTML5 development tool later this year and is meant to “empower creative professionals to create cutting-edge advertising as well as engaging web content like sites and applications – for free.”

Favorite Chrome Extensions