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Below are many interactive sites that can be used to reinforce learning standards. Sites that require Adobe Flash player are designed with the red Flash icon. iPad users may want to use the Rover browser to access these sites. Send me an email if you know of a great interactive site that should be added.

TitleContent AreaDescription
A Touch of Class ScienceGiven a grid of living things, you are to identify which ones belong to the given category (Animals, Things with Webbed Feet, Fish, etc.)
All Systems Go! SciencePlace correct body parts into specific body systems.
Cost to Coast Social StudiesPractice geography skills to help Arthur or one of his friends across the gameboard.
Dynamic Periodic Table ScienceVERY well done and interactive site to learn about the elements of the periodic table. View information and videos as well related to the elements.
Evaporation ScienceIn this virtual experiement, you are able to manipulate the weather, temperature and type of dish for two amounts of water to predict which will evaporate quicker.
Factor DazzleMathEarn points by correctly identifying factors of a given number.
Gravity Launch ScienceTry to launch your rocket and comlete 5 missions. Beware, you are manipulating thrust force and launch angle and you have to be aware that objects exert gravity.
Grid ReferencesSocial StudiesAfter a brief review on how to read grid references, students practice their skill by identifying the correct references to specific locations.
Lunar Cycle ChallengeScienceIdentify which phase of the moon has been left out of the sequence and drag/drop the correct moon into that slot.
Open Doors StrategyUse strategy to determine which doors to open and close in order to move successfully through the maze to the exit.
Slide Scale MathBecome an expert in using tenths and hundreths by playing this game of weighing various characters that jump on the scale.
Solar Science Scope ScienceView the solar system (heliocentric, geocentric, or panoramic). Drag planets in time and space to observe their location and the specific date.
Square OffMathCorrectly create specific perimeter to enclose space ships in order to beat your opponent.
Tinker Ball ScienceGiven a box of supplies, users try to manipulate a tennis ball into landing (and staying) in a cup.
Virtual Volcano ScienceLearn about different types of volcanoes by building your own and watching it erupt. Adjust the viscosity and gas settings to explore how they influence the formation of a volcano.
What's in the Bag? InferencingYoung students are given 3 clues as to what is in the bag and then have to choose the correct item of the 3 answer choices.
Word Play ReadingUsing a word supply box, drag/drop words to make a story. Similar to refrigerator word magnets.
Your Energy Coast ScienceCreate your own energy coast by adding various forms of energy. Test the validity of your coast to see if it can sustain the community by providing enough power.