Digital Citizenship is the concept that all users of digital technologies (Internet, computers, etc.) have a personal (and collective) responsibility to behave appropriately using the digital media and access. This goes beyond netiquette to include staying safe online regarding passwords and personal information as well as cyberbullying. Below are some resouces to assist you in developing your understanding of digital citizenship and effectively communicating that information.

State & National Standards

Texas Technology Applications TEKS (Grades K-8)
Texas Technology Applications TEKS (Grades 9-12)

Federal Laws

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Children's Online Privacy Act (COPPA)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Statistics and Infographics

Applied Media Research
Bullying Statistics
Cyber Crime
Do You Know Who's Watching You?
Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet
Key Moments in Social Media Law
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (Internet Safety)
Social Networking Statistics
Wrestling with Online Privacy

Intellectual Property

Copyright & Fair Use
Copyright Basics
Creative Commons
Don't Copy That
Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright


Core Rules of Netiquette
Internet Ediquette
Net Manners
Netiquette for Kids
Netiquette Rules
Study Guides and Strategies (Netiquette)


A Student’s Guide to Personal Publishing
OnGuard Online 
Pew Internet 
Stay Safe Online


iSafe Inc.  
Secure Texas 
Texas School Safety Center 
Wired Safety 


Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use 
Common Sense Media 
Cyberbully Help 
Cyberbullying Research Center 
Cybersafety Prevention 101
National Crime Prevention Council 
Stop Bullying 
Stop Cyber Bullying 
Student Guide to Cyber Bullying
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team 


Electronic Guide Privacy Center 
Online Privacy Alliance Resources 
Privacy Rights Clearninghouse 


Chicago Public Library Internet Safety Quiz 
Iggy and Rasper Internet Safety Game 
Internet Safety Quiz 
Internet Safety Quiz for High School Students 
Internet Safety Quiz for Parents 
Internet Safety Quizzes
Online Safety Quiz 
Webonauts Internet Academy 


Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know
Everyone Knows Your Name
How to Read the Minds of Strangers...With a Little Help from Facebook
Internet Danger Video
Once Posted You Lose It